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I was reading the AIGA Client Design Guide (for client's of AIGA members to get an idea of client processes). I came across some questions for designers from clients. I felt like answering them.

Here they are:

  1. How does the firm like to work?
    Well I personally like to work directly with you, the client. I also like to make you, the client, feel that you are always #1 (even if you aren't). I give you the utmost attention, and try to make turn-around times short so you feel that you are always the top of my list for priority.
  2. Who are it's clients?
    I have worked as an independent consultant in many design firms in addition to my personal business of Aibrean's Studio. I have worked with NCR, Ferrari, Standard Register, MeadWestvaco, NewPage, LexisNexis, AAA, Vision Marketing Group, PLIE, as well as many other diverse clients ranging from musicians and tax professionals, to non-profit groups and software companies. That range enables me to work within a variety of design styles with the knowledge of the type of audience base you have.
  3. How knowledgeable is the firm about their clients?
    Not only do I talk to them, but I also take advantage of the internet and research my clients and their competition/relevant market. It's not just about making you look good, it's about making you look better!
  4. How is the firm viewed by their clients? By the firm's peers?
    Client referrals (a previous client recommends me to another person who becomes a new client) are about 90% of my business. I get the other 10% from the internet and the local AFA membership list. Being a member of the Greater Dayton Advertising Association, I am involved in local professional development meetings as well as volunteer service for the Association in local advertising events. Recently I helped set up for the Hermes award judging. I also have won two Hermes awards in the past two years...a lot to be said of an individual in the business working against other multi-staffed firms that have very extensive job budgets. I am affordable AND award-winning.
  5. What is the firm's design process?
    First off, upon initial contact, I have the client fill out a design checklist (these can be found at the right sidebar of my contact page). This gives me an in-depth look at the audience, deadline, subject matter, overall idea, and budget. It's not worth the client's time or mine if the project doesn't have a budget I can work with, but it is if I can quote significantly less knowing more about the project before-hand. After the design checklist is completed, I give the client an estimate and a contract they can sign if everything is in order. From there I start researching and concepting. I send the client an initial rough concept to see if I'm in the right direction. If I am way off, I revise and send a new concept (perhaps altogether from scratch), and if I'm on target I work forward.
  6. What kind of design experience does the firm have?
    I have over 5 years of design experience. I have worked in 3 design firms as a consultant as well as my own design business. I am currently active as an Art Director at a local non-profit. I also have a degree in Applied Business in Advertising Art from the most award-winning college here, The School of Advertising Art.
  7. What kind of results has the firm acheived?
    I have always delivered 100% satisfaction. In terms of actual noted success, I have two Hermes awards from the GDAA. One of my email campaigns had such a good response the company told me they had more contacts in two days than they had in two years.
  8. Who will work on your project?
    I do. If there is something I am not able to do (such as advanced programming...I'm a designer not a coder) I will let you know and give you a quote on the service from programmers I have worked with in the past. I also enable you to personally talk with them if needed. They are local as well so if you are a local client, we can meet together to discuss options.
  9. Does the firm understand the business?
    Yes I do, and if I didn't I wouldn't be in business.


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