Crimping My Style

So you have a design or illustration style in mind for your project. You take a look at various sites for different people and you don't see anything you like because you think their work doesn't fit into what you are thinking.

Designers and illustrator design primarily FOR their clients (unless they are a fine artist) and thus their styles are defined by the clients preferences and project requirements. If you don't see a style you like but you like the work the designer or illustrator likes, ASK THEM if they can do it! More likely than not they have already but they just don't have it in their portfolio or they just haven't had the opportunity to do it. Just because I don't have flash presentations in my portfolio doesn't mean I haven't done them. They are too big to post and typically are confidential in nature but that doesn't mean I couldn't send a cleaned version by mail for preview.

I saw one job posting that requested illustrators for a site and the poster showed three VERY different artistic styles (simple and minimal, detailed and three dimensional, and highly stylized) but based their decision what was in portfolio of illustrators rather than the overall quality of work and skill without ever showing the illustrators an example of the style of the site itself.

We aren't mind-readers! If you have an idea, please be specific so we can visualize what you want or show us an example that is exact!


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