Why Twitter can be integral to your business

Let's say you are using some web-based software and it's not running right, you know the company that develops it has a twitter account so you tweet the issue using their name (with the @ so they see it in their twitter page). Within minutes you get a reply and within hours the issue is fixed. This is one of the reasons I love CurdBee (billing) so much, they actually list their twitter in customer support.

I noticed a bunch of people laughing at the Dayton Daily News for saying the Newport Aquarium was an attraction in Cincinnati. I figured I'd twitter that using both @daytondailynews and @newportaquarium. Sure enough, I get a reply two hours later from DDN thanking me for the catch and noting they will correct it shortly. I think it slightly comical however, that Newport has in their twitter the location listed as "Newport, Kentucky (Cincinnati)"

Just being on twitter to connect to clients or customers can be integral to your success. You can get instant feedback.


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