Apparently my eye graphic is too "corporate"

So there is a Ning site for my high school. I saw it linked on Facebook. I thought, hey another way to get connected with alumni so I joined. I had everything set to default - the icon is the eye (from my website) that I have on all my other ning sites as well as a lot of forums. It's an illustration I did and I'm proud of it.

I figured I'd also link my design blog on there since it has some useful information as well as freebies.

Well I got an email from the administrator

I'd like you to change your profile pict to something more real and less corporate logo and move the RSS feed to the side bar and put your profile questions back in the center column.
Now the reason why the RSS feed is in the center is because the profile questions are short and the blog is longer. I didn't want people to scroll (assuming they even visited my profile). I have my RSS on every ning I'm on and in fact the Dayton Marketing Community has it in their blog roll list because it's helpful, not because I'm advertising myself.

So I left. If they want to be so persnickety then there is no reason for me to be there. The content was ONLY on my own profile page. I wasn't posting anything about my company in the community.


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