Green Billing

Any of my clients will notice that I hardly ever mail anything.  It is not intentionally "green", I just see it as a waste with all the technology we have at our disposal and especially since most of my freelance business projects are web/identity where the client doesn't need a hard copy proof.

I especially like web-based billing. I had started out with PDF emails in 2004, giving clients the ability to pay with Paypal. I never liked checks to be mailed, especially with clients mailing over long distances. Oftentimes I had checks get lost in the mail, which was never good.

Now I've streamlined even more with Curdbee. Not only can I still make PDF emails, but I can also accept Paypal and Google Checkout right from the invoice. It allows me to export and import data which makes tax time a breeze (export the invoices to excel, weed out the ones not paid or paid in another year, and add together). Clients can easily view the invoices from the web and if I update invoice details, it's automatically updated so I don't need to resend it.

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I love invoicing with CurdBee


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