New work and adventures in proofing

Redesign Projects

Alfa Electronics
Not only did I do their website, but I also did a complete identity design, complete with business card and letterhead design.

Old logo:

New logo:

I was inspired by circuit board design and use the elements in a board to create an abstract letter "a". Since there is a heavy Italian influence within the company, I chose a subdued green and bold red.

Old website (courtesy of Wayback Machine since I forgot to take a screen when it was live):

New website:

The website is built with HTML/CSS and integrated into CMSMS (Content Management). There is a custom search graphic integrated through the CMSMS system so it is functional. The menu utilized CSS and jQuery. The front flash is XML-driven so the client can update screens, the title, and the links. The news is populated on both the front page and the news page/archive page simultaneously.

Christ the King Lutheran Church
Their old site left so much to be desired from. It was outdated and the church staff has issues with updating.

The new site is HTML/CSS and in the CMSMS Content Management System. The news and event listings are the same editable listing with two different CSS-styled views. The slideshow on the front has been done using jQuery and an HTML list with CSS styling. The site has browser fixes for optimum display in IE7.

Adventures in Proofing

It's pretty sad when you read a magazine for the ads. It's worse when you catch an ad with a spelling error. Can you catch the one below (no, I didn't design this)?


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